Thursday, August 18, 2011

Stairmaster 7000PT step treadmill - my review Stairmaster

!±8± Stairmaster 7000PT step treadmill - my review Stairmaster

The 7000PT Stepper Step treadmill is a revised version of the bestselling original step-by-step. It 'been updated with new parts and offer better technology in full-scale rock climbing experience. One of the potential buyers to address the problems is if it really works. So live up to the hype?

First impressions: the machine is large and heavy (400 lb). Make sure you have plenty of room in the house to welcome him. Sign up to the second floor is not an option.

SoNow, for the good stuff ... The 7000PT is the most difficult and effective fat-burning Stairmaster I have ever used. This is because, unlike other machines that do not require that I spend treadmill at an angle too steep or the power to set up a sweat. I found that this problem can be some of the old monitors blood pressure. In addition, the treadmill up at the seams, which is good for me because I do not really like that I get shin splints jogging.

The first time you go, you will be asked toSelect a suitable training program through the LCD console. This is where you enter your weight, fitness level and time. You get 20 steps starting from the simplest to select level 1. On level 8, it was a real challenge for me, as I burned 500 calories an hour.

Features and Benefits: The treadmill is equipped with a step, step by step advanced but easy-to-use console for monitoring heart rate, calories burned, distance and time remaining. In addition, you have more thanTraining programs for your fitness goals best. This is a great way to measure the weight loss and keep the pounds. Each step is about the size of a shoe size 7. My only complaint is I wish they were a bit 'bigger it takes some getting used to.

Product Summary: At $ 5,000, this is not a small investment. The 7000PT is for those who are seriously focused on health and fitness. It would be a good supplement for athletes, runners, cyclists, and those who can not afford not to do. Developing course, you must meet regularly on a clean diet and workout. With that being said, it would be impossible not to lose weight. I used different machines in the past and has not been able to challenge me as a game.

Stairmaster 7000PT step treadmill - my review Stairmaster

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