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Troubleshooting electric stepper motors

!±8± Troubleshooting electric stepper motors

Stepper 4600, 4400, and a stair-4000PT, are among the most popular sports equipment sold on the market today have three electrical components that are responsible for most of the troubleshooting calls. The alternator, diode and resistance are the heart and soul of the Stairmaster climbers scale 4600/4400PT and are often due to resistance levels drop to create performance problems.

Tools needed:

7 / 16 ", 3 / 8" and 1 / 4 "nut driver. 4" piece of wire with alligator clipsat each end and a multimeter,


The stepper loses all resistance when you step on the pedals.

Alternator Test

First, remove the machine from its power source. Then remove the side panels, in order to have a clear view of the alternator. On the back of the alternator, remove the black wire from the terminal B + (marked POS). Remove the brown wire from the terminal area. You need a length of wire 4 "long with alligator clips at each endthe wire. Connect the cable to + B (POS) and the terminal window, step on the machine for 10-15 seconds, when the total resistance is present, the alternator is to flow properly. If no resistance is present, the next point to check the alternator brushes. The brown square plate with two screws on the cover of the brush. Remove the two screws with a ¼ "socket wrench and remove the alternator brushes. There should be ¼" or more brushes, and nothing lessAlternator brushes should be replaced first. If the correct amount of brush is present, replace the generator.

Diode test:

Remove the brown wire from the diode and the terminal field of the generator and set the multimeter ohm setting. Place a guide at each end of the diode, and then in reverse. A diode is a good high value in one direction and a lower value in the opposite direction. Replace the diode if both values ​​are high or when bothThe readings are low.

Resistance test:

Remove one wire from the load resistor and place a line from the Multi-Meter, a post on each thread resistance. If the meter does not read 0.5 ohms, replace the resistor. As with all interventions in the owners manual or ask the advice of a qualified technician.

Troubleshooting electric stepper motors

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